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Michele and JJ Wade

Family Photos

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Pictures and information about the extended family unit.

Spring 2003

JJ, Brandon, and Jamie

JJ was a single parent at the time of his death. Brandon and Jamie were his pride and joy, along with his stepdaughter Nicole Newsome. JJ never had the chance to enjoy being a grandfather to his grandsons, Damion and Devin Newsome.

April 2004

Michele, Jeremy, Trent,
Morgan, and Michael

Michele was a single parent at the time of her death. She counted her children as blessings from above. She loved spending time with them and JJ's sons, after his sudden death. This picture was taken at Easter 2004 just a few weeks before she was killed.

Christmas 2001

Tommy and Diane

This picture was taken at my (Diane's) Dad's home Christmas 2001. The large family unit would get together to spend time laughing at cherished memories, especially over the holidays.

Christmas 2002

Family Gathering

Picture of loved ones gathering together, taking time from the busy schedules everyone endures on a day-to-day basis.